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J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew make it all make sense. This how I spend my flights..


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

Live at 12:15/ 3:15 est 5 minutes . Come thru!!!!


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

ITS OFFICIAL!!!! I’ll be taking over @bethertv IG for the today !! We will be discussing my movie “Swag Inc” Premiering Saturday 9/8c .. Starring @iamerica_mena @travque @funnymarco @alfrednolanthomas2 .. just tune in I’m bringing them all on live.


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew Happy Thursday...hope y’all up and at it!!!


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew had to get back to this gym. Eating a lil too good


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew thanks @fearfarmofficial for everything last night for my daughters BDay !!! We had a blast.


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew you should love the features you were given. Features Edition .. #eyes #nose #lips #features


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew ... this DOPE ain’t for sale... #housaidit


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew #tbt throwing it back to last year partying wit my aunts @expressionshairlounge_ and Sonya. They always make me perform. Since the beginning of time. And still til this day. Well start ya day like this. I been doing this 😂😂


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew hide ya eyes from the haters .. only the real should be able to look into yo soul.


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew ... what’s on your mind? Hopefully nothing negative. Find peace in silence. And find strength in reservation. I’ve been my most successful when I was at peace and not at war. With myself! Allowing others and energized vessels to enter my peace , then engage. Find the vessels around you that delivers the negativity package to the doorstep of your life. Cancel your subscription 😂. Be humble , be faithful, be true , and authentic and then you will be free.. then the money start rollin in lol 😂😂😂👍 stay hungry my friends #housaidit


J Boog-Boogie- @BLVDMUSIC_inc

#houknew this was me at 2... hide ya wives, that lil nigga out there dancing again!!! 😂😂